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Use of infinitive in phrases

When making phrases in Norwegian using two verbs in sequence, the principles are the same as when writing or speaking in English. Even so, it is sometimes difficult to transfer the rules to another language. Not too strange considering that so much of English is not directly transferable to Norwegian.

Same as with English it is very common when combining to verbs in sequence that the second is in infinitive with the article. This is regardless whether the first verb was in present or past tense, but here I will use present tense to make it easy.

English: He loves to eat chocolate
Norwegian: Han elsker å spise sjokolade

Some exceptions are for certain verbs, however, where the second verb will be in the infinitive format but without the article. These verbs are primarily in its present tense form : Kan, Skal, Vil, Må, Bør (Can, Shall, Will, Must, Should).

English: He can eat chocolate
Norwegian: Han kan spise sjokolade

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